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By Nicole Harris

A Rolls-Royce hire is an often popular option as a wedding car, an exclusive brand label, it is world renowned for its elegance and class. But why limit this lifestyle to just your wedding day (no matter how many times you get married)?

Follow Your Heart

Indeed the Rolls Royce can be rented in Berlin from Europe Luxury Car hire for just the day, weekend or months on end - as the heart may well desire. Rolls Royce models include Rolls-Royce Phantom (Sedan), Rolls Royce Phantom Ghost, Rolls Royce Cullinan (super luxury SUV) and the Rolls-Royce Dawn (Convertible).

Cruising in Berlin with a Rolls Royce

Hiring a Rolls Royce in the cultural heartland of Berlin is all about providing you the ultimate driving experience to absorb the rich culture of this magnificent city. Dine at the historic Zur Letzten Instanz a 16th century restaurant whose previous patrons were no less than Napoleon Bonaparte and Beethoven.

Cruise the Phantom along the lively boulevard of Friedrichstrasse, where many boutiques, bars and restaurants can be discovered. Explore Galeries LaFayette, located deep in to the heart of Friedrichstrasse, a wonderful mall showcasing a round staircase that is fascinating under the glitter of all the lights.

Enjoy a premium travel experience when you rent a Rolls Royce, simple to organise with our discreet and friendly staff. For an unrivaled luxury vehicle rental service, Europe Luxury Car Hire have the ideal Rolls Royce rental in Berlin just waiting for you.

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