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By Ethan Hews

Discover the power of a 4x4 hire in Germany from Europe Luxury Car Hire. The “off roader” is popular for lots of good reasons; they can take on all sorts of terrain be it mountain regions, sand and dust or muddy grooves, but like all other cars it is capable of urban driving, only with more style.

Versatility, Space & Comfort

The large and spacious 4WD (aka AWD) is flexible in meeting all occasions be it a family holiday (a preferred option for kids, as they can sit at a higher vantage point to take in their surrounds), a road trip with your best mates or a business trip for an executive team. In all cases, there is both room for people and for all the luggage they bring.

Among our wide range of luxury SUVs for hire, we recommend you the rental of the Mercedes GLE, a five seater SUV that is the perfect blend of comfort, safety and performance. The Porsche Cayenne is an excellent rental option too, especially if you need a large cargo space.

And if you are travelling with a larger group, then book an Audi Q7 that can sit seven in utmost comfort or a BMW X5, an imposing SUV with 5/7 seating capacity.

Touring Berlin with a Range Rover

Berlin, being such a culturally vibrant city with so many sights to see and places to go, you need a 4x4 that can get you to every occasion in comfort, but also with flair. Rent a Range Rover Sport in Berlin to spend a day or few in Dresden, a quaint city, rich in its art and history.

A 4 wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee rental will allow you to tackle the mountainous regions of Jested and Bedrichov to enjoy the ultimate skiing holiday.

There are no holds barred for the Mercedes G63 AMG hire in Berlin, a serious option for the ultimate all-terrain venture. This super SUV powered by a V8 engine is based on a model developed for the Australian Army. There is a warning on this one though, it’s not for the faint hearted.

With a wide selection of prestigious and luxurious SUVs available, the best 4x4 for touring Germany is going to be found at Europe Luxury Car Hire. 

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