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By Scott Jawns

Be extreme. Rent a Maserati in Berlin. This crazy stylish and aggressive car is the perfect way to experience the best of Berlin’s nightclubs, bars and casinos.

Exclusive Range of Maserati

Europe Luxury Car Hire can offer you an exclusive range of Maserati, either the GranCabrio Sport, a fierce luxury sports car or the futuristic Gran Turismo. Whilst deciding between these two is tough, consider it this way; the GranCabrio Sport evokes a sense of wild beauty, featuring a canvas roof that is easily tucked away, combining the speed of a racing-car with the style of a sports car, the sense of abandon and freedom is just exhilarating. On the other hand, the Gran Turismo glides with elegance and speed unforeseen in a four seater sports car. The structural lines of the vehicle exude dynamic tension and athleticism, the body work hugs the material structure, like a tight dress over a curvaceous physique. Not making the decision any easier?



Discover Berlin’s nightlife hotspots

Take your Maserati out on a spin of Berlin’s nightlife hotspots. First stop, ‘S036’, a legendary punk club that boasts attitude and artistic style. The atmosphere in the club is primarily influenced by Kreuzberg’s origins as the regional center of West Berlin’s anarchist squat scene. The nightclub then went under the management of renowned wild-child artist Martin Kippenberger in 1979. Still going strong, the club has developed a wide reputation for showcasing experimental and alternative musicians from the politically outrageous to the wildly talented.

The Golden Gate

Next stop, is getting down and dirty at the ‘Golden Gate’, a grungy bar located directly underneath the S-Bahn railway arches. This little joint seems to know how to cater for extreme occasions having been established for its all-weekend techno parties. Hire a Maserati GranCabrio or Gran Turismo in Berlin from your luxury hotel and get ready to experience an extreme weekend…never to be forgotten.

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