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Berlin: Uncovered

By Brittany Nue

Uncover Berlin’s best kept secrets in an exotic car rental. As the capital of Germany, Berlin is home to a rich historical legacy, a lively nightlife and an enticing underworld culture of street art, punk raves and tucked away, secretive cafes, perfect for construing your next big conspiracy theory.

You no longer need to ask yourself, how do I rent an Exotic Car in Berlin as your answer is right here! Book the exotic car of your choice online and have it delivered to you in the moments after you arrive at Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) or Tegel (TXL) Airports. Choose between the ever popular Audi R8 coupé, the ravishing Aston Martin DB9 Volante or the striking Mercedes C63 AMG. In any of these highly covetous supercars drive deep in the the cosmopolitan heart of Berlin, a modern day city loved for its internationalism and tolerance. While there is a great cultural vibe on offer during the day with numerous state-of-the-art museums to see, grand palaces to check out and many cosy cafes to share a chai latte or two, things only get better at night throughout the city’s hyper cool and trendy bars, where the crowds tend not to disperse until the twilight hours of the morning.

Hire the BMW Z4 for the ultimate Exotic rental in Berlin and drive a dynamic roadster with a retractable hardtop, great sporting appeal and unparalleled elegance. Although the city of Berlin was badly damaged in the final years of World War 2 and signs of its division from the Cold War are still visible, Berlin has arisen from the ashes in remarkable fashion. Reconstructing itself as a modern day metropolis that is wiser, kinder and yet still retaining a skip in its step.

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