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By Nicole Harris

How do you attain Prestige? An elusive attribute usually reserved for an elite class of individuals. However after perhaps years of striving Europe Luxury Car Hire can finally present you with the opportunity to obtain prestige through its suite of luxury prestige vehicles available for hire in Berlin.

Our prestige car hire category includes luxury vehicles that convey a special vibe of sophistication and stature. These classic rentals gain the premium status due to their 4x4 ability, be a convertible, considered a sports car or sport utility vehicle (SUV) – however, on top of this they must all stand out on measures of comfort, high-end technology, appearance and performance. Naturally our prestige car range is comprised from the best car brands, models include BMW Series S Coupe, Ferrari FF and the Hummer H3.

Combined with Europe Luxury Car Hire’s unrivaled level of service, we will provide you the best prestige car hire in Berlin. The Executive Car rental include models like Acura RL and Infiniti M37/56, ideal for the professional business trip. Our most popular range of classic car rental in Berlin consists of Grand Saloons such as the Volkswagen Phaeton and the BMW 7 Series. Ideal for the perfect Berlin escape, hide out in cafe Einstein an intimate café house, named after the prestigious scientist. The atmosphere is as rich and enticing as the scrumptious food on offer. Paint the town red in one of the super luxury cars which include the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Aventador and the Audi Q7.

Recommended destinations in this highly conspicuous car include the Europa Center, or the casino and theatre of Spielbank Berlin. In the SUV crossover segment you can gear up for winter and rent the Range Rover Sport HSE or the Lexus RX and counter the snowy Bavarian Alpine regions. Whatever the destination in Berlin, one must be seen in nothing less than a prestige car hire.

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