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Take a day trip from Dusseldorf to Cologne

By Nicole Harris

After arriving at Düsseldorf Airport (DUS), take a scenic drive to Cologne in your stunning Maserati. It is a short drive south.

Maserati rental at Düsseldorf Airport begins with our friendly and professional Meet and Greet Service. Plan a self-drive adventure and remove the stress factor out of holiday transport.

Unparalleled elegance and aesthetic touches add dashing poise to our Maserati Quattroporte S. This four door luxury sports saloon offers unsurpassed power and the thrill of a superior drive. Our Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale is the perfect synthesis of aerodynamics and style. Choose the feisty matt black finish for a show-off experience in Düsseldorf.

The beautiful city of Cologne is set on the iconic River Rhine. Historians will be thrilled to spend time in the magnificent cathedrals and castles. Arts and culture lovers can stroll around the iconic galleries. Take a cruise on the River Rhine, eat delicious traditional food, experience fine dining restaurants and sample some famous Kölsh. Buy a bottle of the iconic Eau de Cologne in the 4711-flagship store and then relax and be pampered in a luxurious spa.

Indulge your passion for a great car. Maserati rental at Düsseldorf Airport has an exclusive vehicle for you.

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