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the “flossis” climbing up buildings in Dusseldorf

By Scott Jawns

Your fun side will love the giant man toys climbing up buildings in Düsseldorf. They are frivolous and add a touch of colour to the city.

Set yourself apart from the crowd. Hire a Maserati in Düsseldorf for a show-off drive.

Be seen driving the most stylish coupé on the planet. The Maserati Granturismo Sport is designed to inspire with an elegant sporty personality and exotic seductive design. For something smaller, our sporty Maserati Ghibli S sedan is comfortable and thrilling to drive, with eye-catching alluring curves.

You probably won't believe your eyes when you see these fun colourful, blob-type creatures, called Flossis, climbing up the sides of the Roggendorf House and other buildings! They are the creation of Rosalie, a famous German artist. The bright red, orange, yellow and green figures climb up the walls with suction cup hands and feet. When they reach the top, they either stand or sit with legs hanging over the edge, waving down to passers-by. After this, make sure you settle down with a local Altbier!

Add a fun element to your holiday, Maserati rental in Düsseldorf has a range of sensational cars to choose from and a package to meet all your requirements.

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