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Drive to Waldenbuch for some fabulous chocolate

By Scott Jawns

Close to Stuttgart in Waldenbuch is the famous Ritter Sport Chocolate factory. Take a drive, it is a scenic town and the chocolate is to die for!

Looking to drive a dynamic car that meets your style? Hire a Maserati in Stuttgart.

Acclaimed as 'the most stylish coupés of all time', our Maserati Granturismo Sport will captivate you with an elegant sporty personality and thrilling design. For a premium four-seater cabriolet, drive our Maserati Grancabrio MC. Hit the road to Waldenbuch and love the power and the envious looks of other drivers.

This small and charming town is a 20 minute drive from Stuttgart. The main attraction is the Square and the adjacent Ritter Sport chocolate factory. See the Marli Hoppe-Ritter art collection which is on show at the Museum Ritter. Then take a tour of the chocolate factory and the exhibition. Learn about the story behind the popular square chocolate bar, you will have an experience involving smell, taste, hearing and feeling as you make your way through the world of the cocoa bean. Sip a cup of steaming hot chocolate and buy a few bars to take home.

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