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By Scott Jawns

Rent a Mercedes in Germany and enjoy driving through the heart of Europe’s in a German made prestige car. Germany is not only a popular visitor destination, but is also a key driver of the European economy, attracting business executives and vacationers alike.

The cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf attract huge numbers of international business travellers, whilst the city of Munich (München) is successful in attracting many party-goers to its infamous annual Oktoberfest.

Mercedes E Class or Mercedes SL Roadster

Hire an elite Mercedes E Class in the city of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz, or rent a Mercedes GLS for a high-speed, high-performance adventure in the Bavarian countryside. Pick up a Mercedes SL Roadster to add excitement to a trip to the trade fair town of Nuremberg.

Drive a Mercedes 7 Seater from Hanover

Embark on a luxury roadtrip from Hanover (Hannover) with an executive Mercedes G63 AM 4x4 SUV. Enjoy an executive transfer in a 7-seater Mercedes V Class from any German Airport with our exclusive airport meet and greet services.

Hiring a Mercedes-Benz in Germany affords you status and prestige in a country that values good quality, design and advanced engineering, so enjoy executive travel at its best with a Mercedes-Benz car rental in Germany.





Frequent Questions

How to rent a Mercedes in Germany?

Our elite Car Rental Germany Mercedes Service makes it easy and uncomplicated to rent a prestigious for your business trip, family holiday or weekend rendezvous. You can a book a car on our website and complete the Get a Quote Form. A consultant will call you back with all the details. If you prefer to phone us directly, a consultant will explain all you need to know. The process is hassle-free and streamlined, designed to accommodate your upmarket lifestyle. You will need to supply a driver's license and the signed contract once the details are worked out.

What is the cost of renting a Mercedes in Germany?

We have a fabulous range of cars for your trip. The posh and elegant Mercedes CLS Class is a four-door mid-size luxury coupé that costs around 280 Euros per day. For a 2-seater honeymoon trip, rent the lovely Mercedes AMG GT at around 690 Euros per day or the seductive Mercedes C63 AMG at around 350 Euros per day. Or, experience the classy Mercedes E Class Cabriolet which has a daily cost of around 295 Euros per day.

If you want a sophisticated drive for a business trip, we suggest the Mercedes S Class at around 450 Euros per day. Note that prices do vary depending on the time of the year you will need the car.

Where I can rent a Mercedes in Germany?

You can arrange to rent a Mercedes anywhere in Germany that is most convenient for you. Our Rent a Car Germany Mercedes Service can deliver to an airport, seaport, hotel or luxury villa in any city that you choose. You decide what suits you best and we will be there. Our exclusive service offers bespoke packages for the most discerning drivers.

Germany Mercedes Rentals

Mercedes Maybach

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Maybach in Germany

There are luxury cars and then there is the Mercedes Maybach that in all its power and refinement comprises a class of its own

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Mercedes Benz CLS-Class

Rent Mercedes Benz CLS-Class in Germany

Distinctive style and a sleek design is what you'll enjoy when you hire a Mercedes CLS-Class, along with serious driving abilities

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Mercedes GT S

New ArrivalRent Mercedes  GT S in Germany

Throughout all the features of the Mercedes GT S rental the central focus is that precision is key, and that applies to everything

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Mercedes C Class

Rent Mercedes C Class in Germany

The Mercedes C Class is a luxury sedan praised for its eye-catching design and posh interior dotted with high-end technology

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Mercedes S-Class

Rent Mercedes S-Class in Germany

Defining a new level of comfort and exceptional performance, the Mercedes S Class is elegant, agile and dynamic

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Mercedes C63 AMG

Special Offers AvailableRent Mercedes C63 AMG in Germany

Rent a Mercedes C63 AMG to enjoy high comfort and maximum performance

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Rent Mercedes-Benz V-Class in Germany

Elegant, spacious and comfortable, the Mercedes Benz V Class is the newest and largest passenger car family

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Mercedes GT Roadster

New ArrivalRent Mercedes GT Roadster in Germany

The magnificent Mercedes GT Roadster is designed for the ultimate open-air experience

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Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren in Germany

The ultimate Mercedes supercar, an SLR McLaren rental is elegant, sporty and light, but also one of the fastest cabrios in the market

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Mercedes CLA

Rent Mercedes CLA in Germany

The dynamic Mercedes CLA features a sporty design with interior innovations. Hire this seductive 4 door coupe for a perfect ride

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Mercedes G63 AMG

Rent Mercedes G63 AMG in Germany

Be one of the lucky drivers to tame Europe Luxury Car Hire’s G63 AMG, see how far you can push this luxury SUV

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Mercedes SL Roadster

Rent Mercedes SL Roadster in Germany

Full of style and power, the Mercedes SL Roadster rental will turn heads while you drive this open sports car

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Mercedes GT

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes GT in Germany

The entertainment features of the Mercedes GT rental are clever and easy to operate

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Mercedes SLS Roadster

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes SLS Roadster in Germany

Hire the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster today and experience high performance open top driving at its best

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Mercedes Benz SLK-Class

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Benz SLK-Class in Germany

If you're looking for an elegant 2-seater cabrio sports car, a Mercedes SLK-Class rental will fulfill all your driving needs

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Mercedes-Benz GLS

Rent Mercedes-Benz GLS in Germany

Combining maximum comfort with high performance abilities, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is America's no 1 choice of luxury large SUVs

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Mercedes E Class

Special Offers AvailableRent Mercedes E Class in Germany

The Mercedes E Class Sedan is the perfect combination of beauty and performance

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Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Rent Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet in Germany

From inside its luxurious interior through to its outside ultra stylish design, we invite you to step inside the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

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Mercedes GLE

Rent Mercedes GLE in Germany

In highly enviable fashion the Mercedes GLE rental has an exterior that is given undeniable sporting appeal

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Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet

Rent Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet in Germany

Rent a Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet and enjoy a luxurious ride behind the wheel of this sporty and exquisite convertible

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Mercedes Benz ML-Class

Rent Mercedes Benz ML-Class in Germany

The Mercedes take on a 4x4 luxury rental, the ML-Class is a powerful mid-size SUV, ideal for the city and off-road driving

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Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

New ArrivalRent Mercedes S Class Cabriolet in Germany

Hire the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet for its sensational design, intelligent safety systems, and dynamic and powerful driving

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Mercedes GLA

Rent Mercedes GLA in Germany

Enjoy a compact, versatile and powerful crossover SUV ideal for everyday driving when you hire a Mercedes GLA

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Mercedes GLC

New ArrivalRent Mercedes GLC in Germany

The Mercedes GLC is the perfect choice for exploring off the beaten track

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Mercedes Vito

Rent Mercedes Vito in Germany

Need to get the project done, or transport a team? The Mercedes Vito is the best solution

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Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon

Rent Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon in Germany

The Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon is more than an improved version, it’s a class of its own. It pampers its driver and passengers

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