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Experience the true Power of a 4x4

By Ethan Hews

Located in the heart of central Europe, hiring a 4x4 in Germany is the ideal way to get around. Explore this country’s long history, fantastical landscapes and rich culture from behind the wheel of one of our executive 4wd SUVs and allow the mood and drama of this country to unfold before you from the comfort of a luxury car.

Drive a Sporty Porsche Cayenne

From the vibrant capital of Berlin in Eastern Germany, a city that has undergone a dramatic renaissance in recent years to become the centre of European cultural life, to the historic city of Munich in the Southern German state of Bavaria, home to the infamous Oktoberfest, Germany has plenty to offer. Enjoy off-road adventures in the mountain ski resorts of the Bavarian Alps in a luxury 4x4 Audi Q7 or travel through the vineyards and fairytale castles of the Black Forest in a sporty Porsche Cayenne.

Book a BMW X6 SUV

Rent a premium BMW X6 four-wheel drive SUV for a stylish urban city car, ideal for driving in the wealthy city of Frankfurt or hire a Mercedes GLS in Dusseldorf in Western Germany, an important centre for fashion and trade fairs. Collect your elite 4x4 off-roader or crossover SUV in Germany at any of the main airports, including Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (XSF) and Frankfurt Am Main Airport (FRA) with our executive airport meet and greet services, or arrange for your luxury four by four vehicle to be delivered to you wherever you are in Germany with our bespoke 4x4 rental services.

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