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Search for something unique at Ecseri Piac

By Nicole Harris

Do you travel the globe hunting for those rare and exclusive treasures? You need to visit the market at Ecseri Piac on the outskirts of Budapest. This fabulous flea market has a mind-boggling array of serious art and collectible bric-a-brac.

Raise your image in premium vehicle. BMW rental in Hungary offers a stylish range of exclusive vehicles for a one-day drive, a weekend outing or business trips.

With all the extreme features in place, our elite BMW M5 Sedan offers maximum driving dynamics, maximum aesthetics and maximum driving pleasure. With a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine it has no limits. If you enjoy a mid size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle, our BMW X5 is the perfect choice. Superlative road handling and luxurious interior will enchant the more discerning driver.

Looking for an old communist medal? Or maybe an antique carved wood chair from a royal palace dating back to the 1700's? Browse around at the the flea market at Ecseri Piac and you may find. Look at the colourful characters selling their wares, they are as exciting as the objects on sale. When you have that rare find neatly packaged, stop for dinner at the old and stately Alabárdos. Hire a BMW in Hungary for an exclusive vacation package.

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