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Drive German, spend Monacoian

By Scott Jawns

Speak English, Kiss French, Dress Italian and Drive German. Nothing connotes automotive engineering excellence like the BMW. Powerful, capable and determined, rent a BMW in Monaco for the question should not be “who is going to let me?” but “who is going to stop me?” You cannot go wrong with a BMW rental as there is the right BMW for each of you, whether you are looking for a powerful SUV, a sexy cabriolet or a high-performance sports car.

BMW X-Series SUVs

For a luxurious off road adventure that will take you into nature’s cradle, rent the BMW X5 or X7, two highly prestigious SUVs within the already elite marque of BMW. Engineered with power and crafted with luxury, they will take you to any location fast and in impeccable flair.

From Monaco, take the road that leads to Peillon, truly off the beaten tourist track, it is raw in its untouched natural beauty. Park besides the plaza, at the village’s entrance, and the gateway to a medieval time capsule, where you can wander through its narrow streets, forgetting which century you actually belong to.

Drive a BMW Z4 Roadster

For those who enjoy the contemporary buzz of activity that is the modern center of Monaco. Hire the BMW Z4, a roadster by design, a supercar by efficiency. It hugs the road with its low center of gravity, yet slides as smooth as ice along the surface. Travel the Golden Circle, framed by Avenue Monte Carlo, Allées Lumières and Avenue des Beaux-Arts, where the likes of Hermès, Christian Dior, Gucci and Prada all flaunt a presence.

Top BMW Sports Cars

For cars connoisseurs who particularly enjoy a high-performance sport car, we have a full range of BMW sports cars to offer you: from the compact BMW M2 to the BMW M4, available as a coupe or a convertible or for the boldest, we shall recommend the top of the line of the BMW M Series, the BMW M6 or BMW M8. Both models are also available either as a coupe or convertible version. 

Rent a BMW in Monaco, to drive German and spend Monacoin.

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