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Spanish traditional dishes

By Nicole Harris

When in Spain, food lovers must tempt their taste buds with local traditional dishes.

Add a stylish appeal to your image, BMW rental in Spain offers a choice of exclusive cars, whether you are looking for a sporty coupe, a handsome cabriolet or a luxury SUV. Call us now and one of our representatives will be happy to find you the BMW rental best fitted to your needs.

A Powerful BMW SUV

If you are planning to travel across Spain with your family or a group of friends, then the ideal rental option is to book one of our BMW SUV. You will find below a few options to guide you in your choice.

The biggest in the line is the BMW X7, an athletic 7 seater SUV with a refined and well-equipped interior that offers high levels of comfort. The third row of seats is foldable, in case you need more space to transport material or luggage. This plush SUV posesses all the features of a luxury sedan, notably a huge cabin with electric adjustment and folding of all seats, adjustable climate control for all. With an X7 rental, you will enjoy a smooth and quiet ride, wherever you are headed.

Also on offer, the BMW X5 SUV, available as a 5 or 7 seater, combines successfully comfort, space and performance. Its athletic presence and an agile character provide for a dynamic and easy drive. The all-round air suspension, the leather seats and high-driving position contribute to heighten the quality of the ride. The X5 also has a roomy boot, a plus for long journeys.

Drive a BMW 4 Series

For a smooth and confortable drive, we highly recommend you the rental of a BMW 4 Series Coupe. This two-door premium car features an elegant and ergonomic cabin for four people, with high-quality leather on the seats and the driving wheel. You will also appreciate the ample cargo space and a wide array of driving aid systems such as lane departure warning, a rear-view camera and rain-sensing windshields. 

And in case you are fond of cabriolets, then book the BMW 4 Series Convertible, drop the hard-top and enjoy a rewarding drive aboard this luxury open-top BMW. 

Culinary Trip in Spain

Spain offers vibrant, fun dishes that will delight food lovers. Set off and taste them all. Start with Ajo Blanco, a no-cook soup of garlic, bread, and puréed almonds. Tortilla, or small cake, is a must. Made from finely ground wheat flour, this is one of the staple foods. Try some Galician Octopus, served with potato or a plate of Croquetas, ham or cheese. A beef and potato empanadas makes a great snack.

Cheese lovers must sample Queso manchego, a sheep's milk cheese from the La Mancha region. For something sweet try Churros Con Chocolate, long strips of twisted dough fried in oil and smothered in rich chocolate.

Hire a BMW in Spain and create an unforgettable luxury driving experience. 

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