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Spanish traditional dishes

By Nicole Harris

When in Spain, food lovers must tempt their taste buds with local traditional dishes.

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Spain offers vibrant, fun dishes that will delight food lovers. Set off and taste them all. Start with Ajo Blanco, a no-cook soup of garlic, bread, and puréed almonds. Tortilla, or small cake, is a must. Made from finely ground wheat flour, this is one of the staple foods. Try some Galicia Octopus, served with potato or a plate of Croquetas, ham or cheese. A beef and potato empanadas makes a great snack. Cheese lovers must sample Queso manchego, a sheep's milk cheese from the La Mancha region. For something sweet try Churros Con Chocolate, long strips of twisted dough fried in oil and smothered in rich chocolate.

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