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By Nicole Harris

A BMW represents quality, prestige and prosperity, and when you rent a BMW in France you reward yourself with one of Europe’s most respected and trusted cars. Covering a broad spectrum of elite models, including executive saloons, premium SUVs and high performance coupes and cabriolets, a BMW rental is suitable for all occasions, and our luxury BMW’s are available to hire across France, from the capital city of Paris, the ski resorts of the French Alps, the picturesque towns of Provence and the glitzy cities of the French Riviera (Cote d’Azur).

BMW SUV for Winter Holidays

For your winter ski holiday in Megève or L’Alpe d’Huez, rent a luxury BMW X5 to benefit from a powerful 4x4 SUV with excellent off-road capabilities, or hire the BMW X3 M Sport for a superb mid-sized 5-door AWD that makes the ideal family car for your winter vacation.

BMW Cars for Business Trips

For corporate travel, the high performance BMW M5 is an outstanding ‘super sedan’ that offers luxurious comfort and a refined drive, whilst the BMW 6 Series M6 cabriolet rewards you with an open top drive in one of the best convertibles on the road. We offer both short and long term BMW rentals in France, and whether you are looking to hire a BMW for one day, one week or one month, we have the perfect luxury BMW rental for you.



Frequent Questions

What are your cheapest BMWs to rent in France?

The cheapest BMW to rent in France is our BMW 2 Series coupé, starting from 180 Euros per day. This awesome little number is good fun to drive with its powerful and economical engine and stylish exterior design.

The BMW X3 rental cost starts from 195 Euros per day. This luxury crossover SUV offers a perfect choice for a family on a long road trip. Dad will love the power under his hands the kids will be delighted with the in-cabin comforts and ultra-cool technology. The interior is spacious and the luggage compartment can be adapted to suit all requirements.

The BMW Z4 Roadster is available from 230 Euros per day. Impress with a compact, sporty but elegant luxury 2-seater that makes the ideal honeymoon or weekend break-away drive.

Where can I rent a BMW in France?

Our exclusive Rent a Car France Service is versatile and designed to fit in with your travel plans. We will come to you no matter where you are. You can rent a car when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport or the Port of Calais. If you prefer to make use of the hotel concierge service to get out of the Airport or Port, relax, get settled down in your luxury room and then book a car from there. Our driver will deliver the car to you at your 5-star hotel, your villa, a fine dining restaurant of your choice or a tourist destination. You decide and we will accommodate.

France BMW Rentals

BMW Z4 Roadster

Special Offers AvailableRent BMW Z4 Roadster in France

Enjoy the best of open-top driving in a stylish two-seat convertible sports car when you rent a BMW Z4 roadster

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BMW 1 Series Coupé

Rent BMW 1 Series Coupé in France

BMW 1 Series rentals are affordable, fuel efficient and popular, while retaining BMW's luxury, comfort and performance

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BMW M4 Coupe

Rent BMW M4 Coupe in France

Rent the BMW M4 Coupe and seize the opportunity to drive the dynamic M4 with its powerful engine and razor sharp handling

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Rent BMW M5 in France

Rent a BMW M5 super-sedan for the ultimate high-performance executive car

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BMW 7 Series

Rent BMW 7 Series in France

Utilising cutting edge technology and innovative design, a BMW 7 Series rental is the ultimate executive car

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Rent BMW X5 in France

Rent a BMW X5 to enjoy a powerful SUV with high off-road abilities

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BMW 2 Series Cabriolet

New ArrivalRent BMW 2 Series Cabriolet in France

Drive the BMW 2 Series Convertible for an ultimate driving comfort and elegance with the power of a race car

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BMW M4 Cabrio

Rent BMW M4 Cabrio in France

Go the distance that no-one you know has ever gone before by hiring the eyebrow raising BMW M4 Cabrio

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BMW 5 Series Saloon

Rent BMW 5 Series Saloon in France

A class leader, the BMW 5 Series Saloon rental sets the benchmark that all executive cars need to aim towards

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Rent BMW X5 M in France

Enjoy high performance adventures on and off-road when hiring a BMW X5 M, powered by a twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine

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BMW 6 Series Convertible

Rent BMW 6 Series Convertible in France

Hire a BMW 6 Series Convertible for a stylish open-top grand-tourer with a twin-turbo V6 engine and luxurious comfort for four

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BMW 1 Series Cabriolet

Rent BMW 1 Series Cabriolet in France

Rent a BMW 1 Series cabrio to enjoy a smaller, lighter, and more affordable BMW than the 3 Series

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BMW i8

Limited AvailabilityRent BMW i8 in France

Hire a BMW i8 to experience the future of sports car engineering with a powerful hybrid supercar

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BMW 4 Series Convertible

Special Offers AvailableRent BMW 4 Series Convertible in France

Hire a BMW 4 Series Convertible to drive a fantastic open-top sports car with stunning good looks and seating for four

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Rent BMW X4 in France

For your next business trip or family holiday, rent a BMW X4 which provides comfort and power

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BMW M3 Cabriolet

Rent BMW M3 Cabriolet in France

Hire a BMW M3 Cabriolet to experience the luxury, sporty version of the compact executive BMW M3

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BMW 3 Series M3

Rent BMW 3 Series M3 in France

A BMW M3 rental is the high-performance luxury version of the 3 Series, BMW's best-selling vehicle and a very popular choice

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Rent BMW X6 in France

The worlds first Sports Activity Coupé, the BMW X6 is what happens when a four-wheel drive SUV meets a luxury coupe design

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BMW M6 Cabriolet

Rent BMW M6 Cabriolet in France

Hire a BMW M6 Cabrio to enjoy the most desirable 6-series model and drive around europe with a luxury and elegant cabrio

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Rent BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in France

For top performance, luxury and style, rent the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and drive a world-class grand touring 2-door Coupé

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BMW 2 Series

New ArrivalRent BMW 2 Series in France

Rent this sporty coupé for its top performance and perfect design. The BMW 2 Series Coupé will make you wild and dynamic

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Rent BMW X3 in France

Hire a BMW X3 to drive the ultimate mid-sized 4x4 SUV

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