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Discover the history of magnificent Budapest

By Scott Jawns

A visit to Budapest requires a journey into its fascinating history and the History Museum is the place to start. Artifacts from the ancient cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda are on show, some of them dating back more than 40000 years.

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Our Ferrari 458 Speciale A, as in Aperta, is a limited edition series. In keeping with the iconic 458 success stories, it too holds an array of international motoring media awards and track victories. Discover the Ferrari FF. With the Ferrari-patented four-wheel drive system and four large, body-hugging seats, this luxurious vehicle is ideal for a family. Unparalleled style and elegance will add a rare ambiance to your road experience.

The museum hosts rare exhibitions from excavations uncovered in the three ancient cities making up Budapest. The museum is located in the magnificent Royal Palace and exhibits ranges from ancient Roman relics to modern day 20th century posters. End your day with dinner at the famous Spinoza. Try their delicious signature dish of roast goose leg with steamed red cabbage.

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