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Discover the village of Eze

By Ethan Hews

After the glitz and glamour of the Casino and the deafening roar of engines from the Racetrack, the tiny village of Eze, one of the gems of southern France, makes a perfect getaway for a day trip in Monaco. Rent a luxury Mercedes V-Class and take your family on an unforgettable ride. 

8/9 Seater Mercedes V-Class

The V-Class is available either as an 8 or 9 seater and its plush and roomy interior provides the highest levels of comfort for all your passengers. The steering is easy and the visibility is excellent thanks to the high seating. This business-like Mercedes van provides an easy and comfortable drive for all, which is really appreciated on longer distances. 

6/7 Seater VW Transporter

Also on offer, the Volkswagen Transporter is an excellent rental option if you wish to travel comfortably with a group of people. Loaded with safety systems and driving aids, comfortable to drive and equipped with a powerful engine, the VW Transporter is a recommended people carrier that will satisfy all your needs. 

Fabulous Day-Trip in Eze

Take the wheel of your rented Mercedes V-Class and hit the road from Monaco to Eze. This small medieval village is famous for its charm and beauty. It offers quaint art galleries, cute shops and fabulous restaurants.

Nestling on a steep mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the views are breath-taking. Nicknamed the 'Museum Village' the motto of this small venue is 'Isis Moriendo Renascor;, translating into 'In death I am Reborn'. Enter through the village gates into a paradise where the scents of bougainvillea , jasmine, and rose tempt you to explore the gently sloping, cool lanes. Visit the beautiful residences of Château de la Chèvre d’Or, this former home of Prince William of Sweden, has been converted into artists’ workshops and crafts stores.

Stroll the hilly paths, where Frederick Nietzsche walked in the 1880's, contemplating his philosophy. See the bell tower of Sainte-Croix Chapel of the White Penitents, it stands as a reminder that this village belonged to Provence until the end of the 14th century.

Then relax in the magnificent Jardin botanique d'Èze. Nature lovers will be thrilled with the rare collection of succulents and cacti. Walt Disney spent time here and got inspiration for his creations. The garden is filled with beautiful statues of goddesses that will enchant.

If you don't want to rush back to the noise and bustle, spend the night at the exclusive Château Eza. Set in a 400 year old Château, it offers breath-taking views from private balconies and a Michelin-starred Restaurant.

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