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By Nicole Harris

Try your luck alongside the world's richest and most famous or just watch! The Grand Casino at Monte Carlo makes for a fabulous experience.

The iconic McLaren P1

Rent a McLaren in Monaco and join the high society when you drive our premium McLaren P1. This limited production vehicle became the first hybrid supercar in the world, designed by a company steeped in racing heritage. An utterly brilliant drive both on the road and to get a better idea of its incredible velocity, take it on on the track. 

Top McLaren Cars in Monaco

Alternatively, experience the McLaren 570S, a low, sleek 2 seater sports car will thrill with commanding looks and unbridled power. The Sport-Series is the entry-level McLaren but this two-seater supercar is lighter in weight than its competitors and has therefore a tremendous sprinting ability.

As a more powerful version of the 650S, we can offer you to rent a McLaren 675LT, LT stanting for Long Tail. It is very fast (it feels as quick as a P1) and the braking is exceptional.   

And if you are looking for a faster McLaren, then try out the McLaren 720S, available as a coupe or as a convertible. With its mesmerizing looks and supercar accelerations, be prepared for a high-speed and challenging ride. 

Spend a night at the Grand Casino

This fabulous high class, glitzy venue attracts movers and shakers from around the globe. Try your luck at Blackjack, Roulette, Poker or the slots. Millions are made and lost here! The dress code is extremely strict, no casual outfits are allowed. The Grand Casino only affords entry to tourists, local citizens are not allowed to enter. The Casino is housed in a stunning building with multiple gaming rooms and private restaurants filled with legendary décor, stained glass windows, age-old famous paintings and sculptures. Take time to admire them!

Play the tables in the Salle Blanche & Terrasse and enjoy breath-taking, panoramic views across the Riviera. Try the slots at the Casino Café de Paris. It never closes and features themed machines, electronic roulette and video roulette for those who enjoy a less formal experience. When you have had enough gambling, relax at the Bar Salle Blanche and people-watch while sipping a glass of vintage Champagne.

Hire a McLaren in Monaco for a breathtaking self-drive adventure.

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