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In the name of wit and seduction

By Scott Jawns

Rent an Aston Martin in Monaco to drive into the center of this city’s high life.

The Aston Martin is widely considered to be James Bond’s car of choice, being sleek and stylish you know it will be superfast even before flooring the accelerator. However, the city of Monaco is the location of choice for the wild and outwitting Bond. Nothing, if not utterly glamorous, the Principality of Monaco has a dazzling nightlife, and expensive boutiques, that has made it the play town for the world’s rich and famous since the dawn of the twentieth century.

Feel like James Bond

Surpass those around you by hiring a car that will set you flying way beyond the rest, hire the Aston Martin DB9, either Coupe or Volante or the Vanquish . The state-of-the-art technological contribution of the lighter carbon manufacturing, lowers the drag and makes these cars naturally faster. A defining prerequisite for the likes of Bond.

The Aston Martin DB11, as a pure grand tourer, is also a very sought-after model that boasts an immense performance. Choose the curvy roads along the infamous Corniche and unleash all the power hidden under the hood of your rented DB11.

Pure Elegance

Indeed, an Aston Martin in Monaco are inextricably linked, as James Bond is to a world of action and seduction. The famous and iconic Monte-Carlo Casino of Monaco was the filming location for the James Bond movies ‘Never Say Never Again’, ‘GoldenEye’ and ‘Casino Royale’. Take an evening to splurge a little, your entrance will be greeted with an elegant façade that leads you into the wide open interiors of the opulent and glamorous casino rooms.

In Monaco hire an Aston Martin, for in the words of Bond the AM is “Ingenious, and useful too. Allow(ing) a man to stop off for a quick one en route”.

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