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A cabriolet is at home in Monaco

By Scott Jawns

On the sun soaked boulevards of Monaco rent a cabriolet and feel like you have finally arrived home along the motorways of the world’s most rich and famous.

Mercedes SL Roadster is all seduction

Rent the luxurious Mercedes SL Roadster, a cabriolet that seamlessly combines high performance and engineering dynamism with the carefree freedom of open top driving. Whilst Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, coast this seductive convertible in what is also the wealthiest country per capita. As if designed with the streets of Monaco in mind, let the cabrio’s instincts roll as the SL Roadster navigates its way through Monaco-Ville, Condamine and Monte-Carlo quarters.

Drive a Ferrari California or a Jaguar F-Type

Rent either the audacious Ferrari California or the piercingly beautiful Jaguar F-type to view the city’s many stunning highlights. Make your way through the Jardin Exotique a botanical paradise where thousands of the world’s rare and treasured plants and gardens can be found. Release your inhibitions as the cocktails flow on the top floor of the Grimaldi Forum Avenue. Zelos offers panoramic views of Monaco, known for its young, beautiful and curvaceous patrons, keep dancing as the sun sets behind the mountains and the night tears on.


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