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By Scott Jawns

Make your next trip to Spain one of a kind while renting a fabulous McLaren at Barcelona Airport. Treat yourself to an exotic supercar rental and make heads turn around. 

Allow our professional Meet and Greet Service to welcome you as you step off the plane. All the paperwork and arrangements will be in place. McLaren rental at Barcelona Airport is the perfect way to explore the City of Mosaic.

A Full Range of McLaren for Hire

If you are planning to rent a McLaren, then let us present you some of our top models available for hire at Barcelona Airport:

The McLaren 570S is a stunning supercar, praised for its agility, accurary and balance. Made from superformed aluminium with sensuous curves, it delivers on power and looks in one stunning packageThe 570S moves gracefully on the road and is well suited for an everyday drive. 

While renting a McLaren 657LT, the LT stands for "Long Tail", you will enjoy a super fast drive aboard this mid-engine car. experience the McLaren 675 LT, this stunning 2-seater was born on the racetrack and built for the road.Two other models which are also in high demand are the McLaren 720PS and naturally the iconic McLaren P1

Let us know which model you are interested in, we will make sure that it will be awaiting you at your arrival at Barcelona airport.

Full Visit of Barcelona

Drive across Barcelona with a McLaren 570S and explore this cosmopolitan city located in Cataluna, well-known for its architecture that is complemented by centuries of mosaics, from traditional to modern.

Mosaics were originally brought to Barcelona by the Romans and over the centuries have become a definitive part of the culture of the city. Mosaic creations cover entire walls, floors, pillars and ceilings of buildings, museums, churches, cathedrals.

Visit the Palau de la Musica Catalana to see mosaics depicting singing choirs. See the magnificent Basilica La Sagrada Familia which has towering spires covered in mosaic detailing. Much of the modern day mosaic art, known as 'Broken Tile Mosaic' was created by the iconic Catalan artist Antoni Gaudi, who decorated the city with stunning colours using conventional tiles, broken crockery, glass shards and other innovative items.

Visit the Park Güell, a mosaic lovers paradise. The walkways, buildings, fountains and stone animals are covered with mosaic. Relax on concrete benches adorned with mosaic creations and take a photo next to a huge dragon in a fountain, all covered in beautiful coloured tiles.

To get hands on with mosaics, visit Studio Mosaiccos where you can take a lesson in the El Trencadis technique and create a masterpiece to take home.

A Fabulous 1 day-Trip

Just to get an idea of the power hidden under the hood of your McLaren, enjoy a beautiful drive from Barcelona to Tarragona, an hour drive full of emotions. Explore Spain's eastern coast, the Costa Dorada. Once in the vicinity of Tarragona, don't miss out the Ferreres Aqueduct. 

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