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By Ethan Hews

Granada has a rich multicultural history dating back 2500 years. Greeks, Celts, Romans and Moors have all left their mark on this amazing city.

Plan a fabulous self-drive trip and hire a McLaren in Malaga to experience this unique Spanish city.

Sheer Driving Pleasure

Experience the McLaren 570S. Choose bold red in this entry-level iconic sports car with scissor doors, designed to meet the emotions of the driver on the road.

Alternatively, make a statement in a McLaren P1. Stunning style, awe-inspiring power in a 2-seater limited edition sports car, makes this the ultimate experience of motion.

Also on offer, we would like to recommend you as well the rental of a McLaren 675LT to experience a fun and fast drive around Malaga unless you would rather book the striking McLaren 720S that boasts the performance of a F1 car. 

Drive to Granada

Hop behind the wheel of your rented McLaren 720S and drive north through the beautiful countryside to the city of Granada. Start your explorations in the Plaza Isabel la Catolica where you can admire the famous statue of Christopher Columbus holding the contract for his iconic voyage to the Americas. Visit the Cathedral of Granada, known for its magnificent Renaissance interior.

Enjoy lunch at a traditional tapas restaurants on the Plaza Nueva, the oldest square in the city. Then venture into the Alhambra, this vast fortress complex also hosts palaces, gardens and a citadel. It was home to Sultans and Royals and today is a Unesco protected site. Take a tour to learn more about this venue. Then relax in the lush and gorgeous gardens of Generalife, they offer a stunning example of Moorish style landscaping. End your day with a scenic stroll along the cobble-stoned Carrera del Darro. A spicy Moroccan dinner at the Arrayanes is a must, cool it down with some refreshing lemon juice.

Settle for nothing but the best, McLaren rental in Malaga is the only option.

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