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Girona is well worth a visit

By Ethan Hews

Seeing the sights around Barcelona is an absolute pleasure when you load the family and all the luggage into one of our fully equipped Luxury Vans. Set off for Girona to discover history and the famous Dali Museum.

Head northeast inland towards this ancient town in Catalonia. This piece of land has been fought over for centuries and the buildings and architecture speak of the different cultures calling this place home.

Take a walk along the wall built around the town, it is spectacular and makes for perfect pictures. Climb the 91 steps up into the towers of Sant Feliu and see the Sant Feliu Bridge that crosses the Onyar River. Admire the 11th century tapestry that is truly breathtaking. Then take a stroll through the ancient narrow streets of the very attractive Jewish Quarter and cross the ancient footbridge over the River. Stop for lunch at the El Celler de Can Roca, listed as one of the world's Top 50.

Spend some time at Glass design @ noutalledevidre, where you can see local artists at work and buy a small glass piece to take home.

Continue north for a short trip to the birthplace of the master, Salvador Dali in the town of Figueres. You cannot miss the museum façade which is topped by a series of giant eggs! Dali himself is buried here in a crypt below the stage.

Head back to Girona and stop at La Bodega, a small winery situated in the heart of the Old Town, where people stand outside chatting while sipping a glass of cava.

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