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By Brittany Nue

Burn up the tar as you race out of Alicante Airport and head for the caves in an exclusive McLaren.

McLaren rental at Alicante Airport is for those who demand only the best. Step off the plane and relax while our friendly Meet and Greet Service arrange all the paperwork for your prestigious vehicle. McLaren is the embodiment of the ultimate wow-factor. Our McLaren 540C coupé in stunning red, launches you from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. For a coupé with panache, drive our McLaren P1. This limited production plug-in hybrid sports car fulfils your expectations of style, design and speed.

Head to the small city of Busot, a short drive from the city of Alicante. The caves are located in a mountain ridge called Cabezón de Oro, the Big Golden Head.

Entering the caves is like stepping into a magnificent natural Cathedral. Massive chambers are filled with stalactites and stalagmites and beautiful rock formations that take on stunning shapes of huge candelabras, giving the caves their name.

Take a tour and learn all about the history of the caves and the stories of the small villages near by. Enjoy a concert that takes advantage of the amazing acoustics and then watch the sunset over the panoramic view from the entrance to the cave which is 700m high up the mountain.

Head back to Alicante for dinner at Cervecería Sento, where superb montaditos, little rolls, and tasty grilled treats are served up by the fun- and vibrant staff.

Rent a McLaren at Alicante Airport and experience the thrill of a fascinating venue in a luxury vehicle.

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