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Historians will be thrilled to explore an ancient fortification in Malaga, Spain. The Alcazaba dates back to the 11th century.

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Jaguar Rentals in Malaga Airport, Spain

Jaguar F-Pace

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP380
  • 0-100 km5.8 sec
  • Top speed250 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Jaguar F-Type

Vehicle Specifications

  • EngineV6 340
  • BHP3
  • 0-100 km5.1 sec
  • Top speed259 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine3.0L V6
  • BHP335
  • 0-100 km5.1 sec
  • Top speed258 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Jaguar XJ

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L
  • BHP251
  • 0-100 km7.9 sec
  • Top speed241 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Jaguar XF

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L
  • BHP280
  • 0-100 km8.7 sec
  • Top speed229 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Jaguar XE

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L V6
  • BHP200
  • 0-100 km7.3 sec
  • Top speed212 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Hire a Jaguar at Malaga Airport, we offer a distinctive range of models, among which you can choose the Jaguar best fitted to your needs.

Drive a Jaguar F-Type

Let us start with the magnificent two seater Jaguar F-Type. This pure-bred sports car exudes superior performance and distinguished features. Naturally, we can also offer you the convertible version, an excellent choice to enjoy a fabulous open-air ride under the sun.

Luxurious Family Drive

Alternatively, rent our larger saloon style Jaguar XJ. This full size sedan offers a luxurious drive for a family. Allow our experienced Meet and Greet Service to welcome you at Malaga Airport. They will have all the details of your car rental perfectly arranged.

As a compact sports sedan, the Jaguar XE provides a stylish and enjoyable drive and makes for an excellent driving companion which will make you stand out from the crowd. The XE is dotted with a plush cabin and abundant new technology to enhance the drive.

Book a Jaguar SUV

The Jaguar F-Pace, a luxurious 5 seater SUV with dynamic exterior looks and a generous cargo space, is perfect for long journey with the family or a group of friends. Fit for a quick drive, the Jaguar F-Pace will enchant you with its quick responses and agility.

A Visit to The Alcazaba

The imposing structure of the Alcazaba dominates the skyline of Malaga. It was built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century as a fortification against Moorish enemy invasion. Today, this perfectly preserved building makes a fabulous day outing. Climb the meandering paths up to the heights to see beautiful arches, stone courtyards and fountains. The views are stunning. The brave can visit the dungeon where Christian slave girls were locked away at night and the not so brave can stroll around the archaeological museum and see exhibits of Moorish ceramics and pottery.

Spend the evening at El Pimpi, a cultural landmark. Enjoy the setting in an 18th century old house, while you eat a traditional Spanish dish and watch the exotic colourful flamenco dances. See the autographs that famous people like Picasso have engraved onto the wine barrels!

Whether you are here for a day or a week, Jaguar hire at Malaga Airport is the stylish way to travel.

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Top Gear

When the legendary motor show dedicated a special to the south of Spain, they relied on Europe Luxury Cars to supply some of the most prestigious vehicles the region has to offer. The special was aptly titled Supercars in Spain (Series 20, Episode 3) where Jeremy, James and Richard each did their best to make these supercars shine.

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen’s film may well be classified as a satirical comedy, but if there is one thing that the fictitious dictator Gen. Aladeen takes very seriously, it’s his outrageous fleet of luxury cars. Our team at Europe Luxury Cars is proud to have been a key supplier of high-end (and sometimes over-the-top) cars for all scenes filmed in Europe.