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The still frames in your mind

By Ethan Hews

Drive down the golden miles of Malaga for a moment of refined luxury not easily forgotten. From Malaga Airport (AGP) a Rolls-Royce hire can be easily delivered to you from the moment you walk out of the terminal. Keys in hand, hit the road running in the luxurious confines of the Rolls Royce Ghost, silent as the night and yet conspicuous as the day, the renown luxury of this prestige car, does not go unnoticed.

Opulence & Performance  

Alternatively organise your luxury car rental experience with a chauffeur service when you hire the Phantom extended wheelbase. The emphasis of luxury is evidently placed on the rear seats. Enjoy a cocktail or a chardonnay before you arrive at your hotel. There’s no reason why your slice of heaven can’t arrive early.

A Rolls-Royce Dawn rental is perfect in summer. Drop the top of this luxury convertible and let the wind play in your hair, all the way from Malaga Airport to your final destination.

For those who have an adventurous mind, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a super luxury SUV is the very best rental option. The first, four wheel-drive Rolls-Royce SUV is a gem, the pinnacle of automotive makers.

Best Stops in Malaga

Once in the city of Malaga, there are a wealth options on where to go with your luxurious Rolls-Royce hire. Breakfast at Isabella Taller de Cocina, as it offers all the fresh and nutritious options that comes with Andalusian cuisine. From there, ride over to the beautiful Alameda Gardens that is home to the botanical collection of Jardines de la Concepcion. A vibrant kaleidoscope of colour, it is pure pleasure to stroll through the narrow paths, that at its perimeter culminate in wonderful views of this city. Bring a picnic, and a long book, it is an ideal way to while away the time.

By evening, a visit to the opera in the Ghost rental, is really the only vehicle that does this location justice. After drinks should be had at the Velvet Club, the perfect location to help you extend a day, that should never come to an end.

From Malaga Airport rent a Rolls-Royce to take the photographs and still frames in your mind to carry with you wherever you go and who ever you become.

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