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The Source of fascination

By Scott Jawns

Malaga is a vibrant cosmopolitan, alive and thriving on the back of its colourful history and cultural heritage. The birthplace of Picasso, this great artist’s legacy is showcased throughout the city.

Blessed with a warm and comfortable climate it has some of the oldest traces of human civilisation, but with great shopping and fantastic food.

Hire a BMW from Malaga Airport to see it all and upgrade your trip.

Our Top BMW SUVs

If you are planning a trip with the family or a few friends and your mind is set on an athletic BMW, then the best rental option is certainly a BMW X5, a classy 5 seater SUV that will reward you with a fast and comfortable drive wherever you are headed.

Alternatively, if you need a larger SUV, book one of our BMW X7, a luxurious seven-seater SUV with a roomy interior. The X7 is the perfect people mover with the highest levels of performance. The driver will appreciate the numerous driver assistance technology. 

Drive a BMW 4 Series

Rent the BMW 4 Series, a two-door, sporty coupe that delivers a high-performance drive. The BMW 4 Series is roomy, it seats 4/5 passengers and also offers ample cargo space. The perfect option if you are looking for small but a fun car. 

A beautiful coupe, it is the perfect way to discover the rich history of Malaga. With a history dating back almost 3,ooo years, visit the Alcazaba castle, a grand relic from the Islamic Moorish occupation. Built in the 11th, it is well preserved and shows a fascinating insight into the life and practices of a time long gone.

If you are coming in Summer, you may also hire the BMW 4 Series Convertible and enjoy a beautiful open-top ride in and around Malaga. 

 Rent a BMW from Malaga Airport, for a time to fascinate and an experience to last.

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