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The Source of fascination

By Scott Jawns

Malaga is a vibrant cosmopolitan, alive and thriving on the back of its colourful history and cultural heritage. The birthplace of Picasso, this great artist’s legacy is showcased throughout the city. Blessed with a warm and comfortable climate it has some of the oldest traces of human civilisation, but with great shopping and fantastic food. Hire a BMW from Malaga Airport to see it all.

Rent the BMW Active E, the pure electric BMW, it has the future written into its blueprint. It is innovative to its core. Travel the length of the Costa Del Sol, that is the sun saturated southern edge of Spain, along the Mediterranean sea. The lightly swaying palm trees in the warm breeze, makes the perfect atmosphere to enjoy as you coast past the expensive and exclusive cities of Marbella and Punta Banus, Torremolinos and Nerja.

Rent the BMW 2 series coupe, or come the summer time, make that choice the 2 series convertible. A beautiful coupe, it is the perfect way to discover the rich history of Malaga. With a history dating back almost 3,ooo years, visit the Alcazaba castle, a grand relic from the Islamic Moorish occupation. Built in the 11th, it is well preserved and shows a fascinating insight into the life and practices of a time long gone.

Rent a BMW from Malaga Airport, for a time to fascinate and an experience to last.

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