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By Scott Jawns

Sensuous, colourful and passionate, the Flamenco cannot fail to rouse your emotions. Watch this exotic dance in Seville.

Add another passionate level of excitement to your holiday trip when you hire a Jaguar in Seville, we have a range of stunning cars for you. Be thrilled by the effortless speed and cutting-edge handling of the premier Jaguar F-Type. It offers an unsurpassed top-down, 2-door driving experience. Alternatively, if you are travelling with a larger group, this is an opportunity to experience the refined and sophisticated character of the full-sized curvaceous 4-door Jaguar XJ.

Flamenco originates from the Gypsies of Andalusia, who used this form of song and dance to convey their stories and emotions. It consists of two parts, the Cante or singing and the Baile, the dance. Flamenco can be deep, intense and tragic with profound sad songs but can also be light and fun, speaking of love and happiness. The clicking of castanets, twangs of the guitar, stamping of feet and the magnificent swirling colourful costumes are sure to enthral.

Book dinner at the famous Tablao Flamenco El Arenal and watch an electrifying performance while you snack on tapas washed down with sangria.

Taste the thrill of a luxury vehicle. Seville Jaguar rental is expecting you.

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