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Hitting the Road From Malaga Airport

By Brittany Nue

Hit the road and don’t think about coming back until you’ve had a taste of a Jeep rental from Malaga Airport. From its pristine beaches to its wonderful cocktail mix of history, there is so much to do, see and enjoy in the city of Malaga. Enjoy the local traditional cuisine of Andalusian food, develop that suntan on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, go rock climbing amidst the amazing El Chorro gorge or lose yourself in a time capsule of ancient histories and relics. This is Malaga, make sure you’ve got the right car to see it through.

From Malaga Airport (AGP) hire the Jeep Grand Cherokee when you take a holiday with your family. This is one of the spacious and comfortable SUVs on the road, ensuring that you will be able to keep everyone satisfied for hours as you pace the kilometers. As a first stop, make sure to visit the grand Alcazaba castle, this site is an icon for Spain with guests coming in from around the world to explore the rich mix of history that is found here. The Alcazaba was initially built as a Moorish castle built in the 11th century by the then sovereign Muslim population, constructed in the middle of the city it acted primarily as a fortress to protect the important ancient city from its enemies. Today it is one of the best preserved palaces of its kind in Spain, surrounded by a beautiful oasis of gardens and offering spectacular views of the city. If the history doesn’t mean much to you, visit this place just for its scenic beauty alone.

Our unique meet and greet service means that you can pick up your Jeep rental as soon as you touch down at Malaga Airport. Step out of the arrivals terminal and one of our staff will be ready and waiting to meet you there so that we can hand over the keys, getting you on the road at the quickest chance possible. For an action packed start go rock climbing at Via Ferrata within Malaga, nearby in Antequera, there is the El Torcal rock climbing site that offers excellent views of the area as you reach the pinnacle.

Jeep Rental in Malaga Airport, Spain

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Malaga Airport Rental

A classic jeep design with state of the art technology, improved human design and off road capabilities

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee Malaga Airport Rental

Wider interior, stronger, fascinating design - Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV up to date winning all the significant prizes

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Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot Malaga Airport Rental

Hire a Jeep Patriot for a stylish and capable luxury crossover 4x4 SUV

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Jeep Wrangler Open Top

New ArrivalJeep Wrangler Open Top Malaga Airport Rental

Rent a Jeep Wrangler Open Top, a most capable 4x4 vehicle perfect for open-air driving, both practical and comfortable

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Malaga Airport Rental

Drive a rugged, robust and refined luxury 4x4 SUV with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited rental

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