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Escape through the horizon

By Ethan Hews

Torremolinos, historically a fishing town along the Costa del Sol, was only fully realised as a tourist hive in the 1950’s. Yet that realisation was made, with significant pezzazz. It was frequented by Frank Sinatra and his friends, and further developed as a tourist hub for homosexuals. The splurge of the ‘pink pound’ was enough to encourage Spain’s head of state - Franco, to have a blind eye towards Torremolinos becoming a gay Mecca. At a time well before the term "gay" became the common vernacular.

From Malaga Airport hire the Mercedes E Class Sedan, with its distinct styling, it is built on the most contemporary knowledge of safety and trailblazing technology. The range is exclusive and elite as we introduce you to the E250 BlueTEC, E400 Hybrid, E63 4MATIC, all exceptional in the way they integrate state-of-the-art technologies with a highly aesthetic design throughout.

Look nothing less than sensational on the streets of Torremolinos, driving the Mercedes E 63 4MATIC. Watch the sun go down on the Western horizon of the Mediterranean shoreline, stroll through the Calle San Miguel, lined with shops bars and restaurants, stop to have something to eat. A popular favourite is El Gato Lounge offering the local seafood favourites, but served with a perfected flair.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz from Malaga Airport to escape through the horizon.

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