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a scenic trip on the ferrocarril de soller

By Ethan Hews

Running between the towns of Sóller and Palma is an ancient railway line with a fabulous bright orange railway car. This fun trip cannot be missed.

Rent a Lamborghini in Mallorca for a thrilling driving experience. Our competent Meet and Greet Service will attend to all your needs at Palma Airport (PMI).

Make Heads Turn

With a top speed of over 325 km per hour, only a special driver can handle the Lamborghini Huracán. Slip behind the wheel and push this exotic supercar to the limit. Make heads turn as you make the engine roar and relish in its raucous sound. For a unique open-air drive, you may choose also the convertible version, the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, as talented as its coupe sibling.

Join the high society in Mallorca when you drive a Lamborghini Hurcacan Spyder. Make a statement at the station, step out of the iconic scissor doors and hop onto the train.

The Trendy Urus

If you a true Lamborghini fan and looking for an SUV that drives like a sports car, then try out the Lamborghini Urus. This five-seater SUV has all the practicalities of an SUV, its is roomy and comfortable and yet, it is also very, very fast on the road. It is certainly worth a try. 

Through the tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana

This historic electric train takes a stunning scenic route across open plains, over mountains passes and through the tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana. The ambiance of this old train cannot be missed. The orange and lemon trade funded the project in 1911, hence the name Orange Express.

When you arrive in Sóller wander around the museum of modern art and then relax at the Don Pedro Cafe Bistro at the port and order a plate of spicy Mediterranean prawns. Step back to your luxury Lamborghini rental and hit the road to Palma.

Hire a Lamborghini in Mallorca for a classy self-drive adventure.

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