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Soak up the Mediterranean sun in Mallorca

By Scott Jawns

The magnificent fabulous island of Mallorca is located about 80 km from Spain and is surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It offers an array of breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that will enchant.
Don't waste precious time on your holiday, 4x4 car rental in Mallorca is undeniably the perfect way to travel.

BMW X6 or Porsche Cayenne

Drive a mid-size luxury crossover between an SUV and a Coupé, our stylish BMW X6 is classy and elegant motoring experience.
Alternatively, if you are looking for an athletic SUV with exceptional steering, then try the Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche SUV is ideal for both on-road and off-road trips with superior comfort and extreme power.

Mallorca's Unique Beaches

Ever had dreams of relaxing on a Mediterranean beach? Do it in Mallorca. This stunning island offers fabulous tourist beaches packed full of beautiful people, secluded coves for a romantic quiet dip and safe clear waters for the whole family. Experience Magaluf Beach with its stylish promenade. Try Es Carbo Beach for a peaceful alternative. Fine sand and turquoise water make this an idyllic spot. End your day with dinner at the famous Tristán Bistro, enjoy the lively ambiance and amazing views.
Showcase your versatile and vivacious style, rent an SUV in Mallorca for a great self-drive holiday.

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