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Lamborghini: Imbued with extravagant flair

By Nicole Harris

In your Lamborghini hire in Seville travel into the cultural heart of the city, the Santa Cruz quarter. A charming precinct with winding alleys, lime-washed houses, flowery patios and lively piazzas.

The Lamborghini has all the passion for life that it melds through Seville’s streets, like an ostentatious local.

Pick-Up from Seville Airport

Take the wheel of one of our Lamborghini Aventador and you will wonder at the way it makes all heads turn on the road. Pick up your Aventador rental from Seville San Pablo Airport (SVQ) to arrive at the Santa Cruz quarter in time for afternoon drinks and tapas at La Campana.

Then once refreshed and replenished visit the nearby Cathedral, the world’s largest gothic cathedral, it is possible to climb to the adjoining tower La Giralda, which by sunset gives the most poignant views of the city that could only be described as divine.

For the luxury that convenience affords, have the Lamborghini Huracan delivered to your hotel in Seville. Stay at the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes offering views of the Cathedral and La Giralda, it lets you take in the full mystical grandeur of this building. La Giralda was initially constructed as a mosque between 1184 and 1197, by the ancient and powerful Moors who once proclaimed Seville as their own. However in the aftermath of the Christian reconquest the minaret was fitted with a bell tower in 1568. Yet to this day is still calls the devout into it’s hallowed hall.

Drive a Lamborghini SUV

Last but not least on our list, stands the impressive Lamborghini Urus, a luxurious five seater SUV that flies like the wind. Drive a Supercar in the disguise of a luxurious SUV and be prepared for the best to come. 

A Lamborghini hire in Seville marries a celebration of culture with extravagant flair.

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