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Take a ferry trip to Ibiza for a day

By Brittany Nue

Mallorca's sister island, Ibiza is a four hour ferry trip away. Park your fancy sports car at the port for all to admire and hop onto a ferry.

Get your adrenaline pumping, rent a sports car in Mallorca and join the jet set.

The sheer beauty of a Ferrari 488 Spider

When you step into a vehicle and you get a new perspective on life, you are sitting in a Ferrari 488 Spider. Bold red, sleek and out-there, this vehicle offers a mid-rear engine and retractable folding hard top. Slip on your Gucci designer sunglasses and get going. For those who are not bashful, drive our stunning Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster. This 4 litre twin-turbo charged V8 engine grand touring car is the ultimate expression of pure indulgence.

A-day-trip to Ibiza

Ibiza offers a busier and more dynamic vibe than Mallorca, perfect for a day visit. Stroll through the old town, the cobble streets, quaint stores, ancient water aqueducts and cathedral will enchant. Sip long tall drinks at the Bora Bora Beach Club and then head off for lunch to the famous La Oliva, where fresh seafood awaits. Dance all night at the iconic Space Ibiza before heading back on the ferry to relax on your peaceful island.

Sports car rental in Mallorca will give you the thrill you deserve on a luxury holiday.

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