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Only one life to live

By Nicole Harris

There is only one life to live. Race to it aboard a Ferrari rental in Marbella and soak up the sun while you sip mojitos surrounded by the rich and famous.

Arrive from Malaga Airport aboard the Ferrari 488 GTB. With an array of advanced technical solutions, active aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics the 488 GTB is the most high performance V8 Ferrari ever manufactured. With the roar of its engine and its sexy design, you are sure to make head turn as you make your way into town.

Spend the day at Nikki Beach

With an endless supply of world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, fashionable shops, a high-end marina and a great number of bars and clubs, this chic holiday resort has plenty to keep you entertained day and night. Spend the day lounging at the world famous Nikki Beach, take a dip in the swimming pool, have lunch in the large open air restaurant and drink cocktails on the terrace as you enjoy fabulous views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Drive a Ferrari Portofino

Once the sun sets, put your dancing shoes on and make your way to Babylonia aboard the multi award winner Ferrari Portofino. Located in the piano bar and outdoor terrace of Olivia Valere, the town’s hottest nightclub, this upscale supper club offers its impeccably dressed pretty clientele an international menu of raw bar delicacies, sizzling steaks and lobster in grandiose presentations, all accompanied by 500-Euro bottles of Champagne.

In a town as glitzy and glamorous as Marbella, a Ferrari rental is the best way to ensure your arrival is well noticed.

Frequent Questions

Where can I rent a Ferrari in Marbella?

Our elite Car Rental Ferrari Marbella Service allows you to have an elite car delivered to any location that suits you. We can meet you at the airport, at your 5-star hotel or luxury coastal villa. If you are arriving on a business trip, we can meet you at your conference venue or corporate head office. You tell us what suits you best, our exclusive service is designed to fit in with your plans.

What is the cost per day to rent a Ferrari in Marbella?

Add a thrill to your road trip when you drive a legendary model from the Ferrari range. We have cars ranging from under 1000 Euros per day up to 13000 Euros per day.

Drive a sporty, elegant and versatile Ferrari California Turbo, it will cost you around 895 Euros per day. For a pure rush of adrenaline, the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider will wow your senses with its speed and eye-candy looks. It has a daily cost of around 950 Euros.

Travelling with a family does not mean you cannot enjoy the excitement of Ferrari. The lovely Ferrari GTC4Lusso offers a 4-seater choice with state-of-the-art technology and luxurious in-cabin comforts. It costs around 1200 Euros per day.

For a 2-seater option, we recommend the magnificent Ferrari 488 GTB at a cost of around 1000 Euros per day.

For the driver who stops at nothing, the top of our range is the heart-stopping exotic LaFerrari at a daily cost of around 13000 Euros. You cannot fail to impress when you burn up the tar in Marbella in this race-track monster!

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