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The 4x4 always begs for more

By Scott Jawns

In one of the most prestigious, wealthy and exclusive locations in the world, the fun never ceases in Marbella. The municipality of Marbella comprises a strip of land that stretches 44 kilometers along the coastline of the Penibético region. Closed into the bay by the inland coastal mountain range, Marbella enjoys a calm breeze shaded from the strong cold winds of the north.

From Marbella to Bermeja

In a 4x4 hire from Marbella climb across this rugged terrain to reach the high altitude slopes of Bermeja, Palmitera, and Alpujata and Royal sub ranges. The view is spectacular, of the mountain vistas and the crashing waves from the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

Check our Elite Collection of SUVs

Our SUV collection of rental vehicles, is elite and extensive, allowing for every taste, preference and occasion. Rent the Jeep Wrangler, for its personality that just begs for adventure, having no care for elegance, it seeks out rugged terrain to conquer in successive triumphs. The Range Rover Autobiography and the BMW X3, in all their sophisticated glamour, look as if they were designed for the manicured boulevards of Marbella, yet both 4WDs still possess an underlying powerful capability.
Drive north in a Marbella SUV hire, well off the tourist beaten track to Istán or Ojén and experience the raw and untouched beauty of nature.

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