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Take a ferry trip to exotic Morocco

By Brittany Nue

A short trip from Gibraltar in a ferry will take you to the exotic location of Morocco. Spices, vibrant colours and traditional food will delight you.

Ferrari Gibraltar rental has a selection of spectacular luxury cars, hire one for your holiday.

Showcase your I-have-arrived style in an exquisite Ferrari 458 Spider convertible. Drop the top and feel the wind in your face, the scream of the exhaust and love the unmissable bold and flashy red paint job. For something else in red, you will delight in the unparalleled ambition, extreme performance and futuristic advanced technology that awaits in our LaFerrari. This is the ultimate posh drive.

Step off the ferry and you are in Africa! Wild, vibrant, colourful and noisy. Haggle over bargains in the local souk, buy swatches of beautiful fabric and exotic spices. Explore the interesting history at the Kasbah Museum, watch the people on the Terrasse des Paresseux and relax on an unspoiled beach. Visit Hercules Cave, a place of stunning natural beauty and great archaeological significance. End your day with a meal at the port where fresh off-the-boat seafood restaurants will cook up a storm.

Make an informed choice for your travel arrangements. Ferrari hire in Gibraltar is the superior option.

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