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Yodel all the way!

By Scott Jawns

Switzerland may have its stereotypes, images of on-the-dot watches, chocolate, cheese, snow and a girl milking a cow while she happily yodels may come to mind when thinking about Switzerland, but the land of Helvetia has so much more to offer. Hire a Jeep in Switzerland and travel through this beautiful country uncovering its many treasures.

Begin your Swiss journey in Zurich aboard the rugged Jeep Wrangler. Discover Switzerland’s financial and cultural city. Visit its multitude of museums and art galleries, stroll through the Old Town, site of the historical Lindenhof and enjoy the city’s buzzing nightlife which offers a huge variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Get out of the city aboard the capable 4wd Wrangler and visit Mont Pelerin, which offers stunning views of Lake Leman and Vaudoise Alps from its summit. Enjoy spectacular views of Europe’s most powerful waterfalls, Rheinfall, set on the high of the Rhine river.

Make your next stop Basel, Switzerland’s cultural city, filled with theaters, museums and a rich history. Tour the city aboard the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, an all-terrain 4wd that is stylish, powerful and highly capable no matter the driving conditions, and visit Basel’s many heritage sites, such as the Old Town, churches, monasteries, buildings by internationally acclaimed architects and archeological sites. Visit Basel’s zoo or drive your Wrangler Unlimited rental to Scex Rouge for a weekend of white powder adventures.

Much less cosmopolitan and a lot more enchanting than most capital cities, Bern offers beautiful views of the Alps, a medieval old town, a Gothic cathedral, the longest covered shopping promenade in Europe, a rose garden and two mascot bears of which the Swiss are proudly fond of.

Rent a Jeep in Switzerland, like the range-topper Jeep Grand Cherokee and take in the stunning Swiss scenery.

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