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By Ethan Hews

Switzerland offers breath-taking scenes of snow capped mountains and metropolitan cities.

Hire a Jaguar in Switzerland and explore Zurich, Lucerne and Bern. Create your own defining moments when you drive our Jaguar XJ. This pinnacle 4 door saloon car features the ultimate combination of cutting-edge technology, opulent luxury and sporting vehicle dynamics. Alternatively, experience the assertive character of the curvaceous 4 door Jaguar XF.

Spend a few in days in Zurich seeing the sights. Visit the Grossmünster, an ancient Romanesque church and climb the tower to get a great view of the city. Stroll in the beautiful Chinese Garden and have a meal at the fabulous Restaurant Parkhuus, with an open kitchen, you can watch the chefs at work. Then drive to Lucerne, park your car for all to admire and take a stroll over the Kapellbrücke, the Chapel Bridge, the oldest bridge constructed from wood in Europe. The fit can climb up into the Clock Tower and art lovers can explore the Rosengart Collection. Have fun watching perfectly crafted miniature working steam trains at the Swiss Transport Museum and sample some Swiss cake at Bachmann café. Then take a scenic drive over towering mountain passes to Bern, the capital city. Historians will be thrilled at the Berne Historical Museum and art lovers must visit the Kunstmuseum. Beer lovers can do the Bern Pub Crawl where you can mingle with the jet-setters and soak up the atmosphere.

Make your fantasy of driving a superb vehicle come true, Jaguar rental in Switzerland is the ultimate choice.

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