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A Pearl in Europe

By Nicole Harris

Amidst stunning scenery and the very best of European cultural sophistication rent an Exotic car in Switzerland to enjoy the many treasures that are to be found there. Located almost in the very center of the European continent, Switzerland’s own culture appears to be all the more richer as a result, siphoning all the very best parts off its neighbours. Take the ultimate tour of Europe, without ever leaving Switzerland!

On Switzerland’s most western edge, hire the Porsche Boxster and drive a super stylish two-seat cabriolet sports car into the city of Geneva. The region of Lake Geneva borders with France and in its lake side surrounds you can enjoy much of the historical baroque architecture that pays wonderful homage to its neighbour. Experience the culinary pleasures of French fine dining in restaurants such as Perle du Lac and La Veranda. Also, you might as well take the opportunity to practice your french, as that is the dominant language for most of the city’s locals.

On the northern edge rent the Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio and drive the convertible version of a supercar, widely considered to be a modern engineering marvel. The northern edge is filled with cities such as Basel, Zurich, Bern and the Alps that lead to Lake Constance. Across these regions German is spoken, and the locals just seem to have an understood appreciation for Lederhosen and Bratwurst. There are great ski resort across its mountain chains that are frequently visited by their German neighbours.

On the southern edge hire the BMW X5 to arrive at the cities of Zermatt and Lugano. These cities are found by following a trail of highway across the Canton of Valais and Ticino. Not surprisingly, the food has all the genius of Italians gastronomy and is simply delicious. Italian is often heard and spoken with all the good humour found in Italy.

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