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Experience gripping history in Edinburgh

By Scott Jawns

Edinburgh, Scotland is set in history. The Old and New Towns are listed as World Heritage Sites. Gothic churches, medieval palaces and ancient castles will enthral those with a love of the past.

Plan a fabulous self-drive trip and hire an Aston Martin in Edinburgh to experience this unique Scottish City.

Aston Martin has always been synonymous with total elegance and chic. Our Aston Martin Vanquish Grand Tourer, represents the height of engineering, design, craftsmanship and technology. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is an iconic vehicle, a high-performance sports car that will meet the emotions of the driver on the road.

After your obligatory trip to the famous Edinburgh Castle, take another journey into the past and explore Edinburgh's Old Town,The Real Mary King's Close. A myriad of narrow winding streets, frozen in time since the 17th century, will enthral you with mystery and intrigue. The National Mining Museum will bring back tales of dark and dangerous underground escapades. Take a drive to Bramble, the iconic bar, relax and choose a fabulous cocktail from the menu and become part of the hippest set of Edinburgh's elite.

Aston Martin rental in Edinburgh is the classy way to explore the history of this iconic city.

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