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Visit stonehenge & Windsor Castle

By Nicole Harris

Shrouded in the mists of the past, this awe-inspiring stone structure is an unsolved mystery to modern man.

Plan a fabulous self-drive day trip and rent an Aston Martin in London to experience this unique landmark.

If a beautiful four-door sports car appeals to you, experience our Aston Martin Rapide S. Unique vision and the finest design offers a compelling drive. Excitement coupled with intense performance makes for a supreme ride in our Aston Martin Vantage N430. Racetrack speed and endurance is harnessed for the city roads. Head west out of London on the M3 and feel the stunning power of a luxury vehicle under your control.

Stonehenge rises on the horizon in breathtaking beauty. The true meaning of this creation is still a guess. A temple for sun worship, a burial ground, a huge calendar for ancient civilisations? Stand in awe and decide for yourself. Stop at Windsor Castle, the Queen's favourite residence. Peek at the lavish State Apartments where priceless artworks by Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci hang and stroll in the manicured gardens. Return to London for a fine dining experience at The Glasshouse.

Aston Martin rental in London offers an exclusive day trip drive into the country.

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