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Drive in style from Gatwick or Heathrow

By Scott Jawns

Step off the plane and smile as you see the other passengers rushing wildly to catch cabs, trains and buses. Head for the first class lounge and relax over a great breakfast. Our Luxury Meet and Greet Service will welcome you and hand over the keys to your exclusive vehicle. Mercedes rental in London has never been easier.

Desire it and Drive it

Desire it and drive it. Our posh Mercedes SL Roadster will delight with sleek low lines and superior engineering. Feel the thrill of the open top and sporty ambiance as you slide behind the wheel. Breathtaking acceleration and class awaits in our four-door Mercedes CLS Coupé. If you have not driven one yet, now is time to try it out.

Stay at a Posh Hotel in Park Lane

Take in the best that London has to offer. Book yourself into the luxurious, state-of-the-art boutique hotel, the 45 Park Lane. Enjoy the spacious rooms with wonderful views of Hyde Park and have lunch at the Cut at 45 Park Lane, Wolfgang Puck’s début restaurant. Test your car on a scenic drive along the majestic Thames and sip cocktails on the roof terrace at Radio.
Whether you arrive on holiday or business, hire a Mercedes in London, our mission is to cater for your every need.

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