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The Manchester museum has fabulous displays

By Scott Jawns

If you travel the world in search of fascinating museums, you cannot miss the Manchester Museum.

For smart and stylish travel arrangements on your luxury holiday, Mercedes car rental in Manchester is the answer.

The elite Mercedes SLK350 Roadster makes for a refreshing drive. This car will turn heads as you stop at the Manchester Museum. The essence of style and class, it must be driven at least once in your lifetime. For an SUV experience, rent our Mercedes G550 SUV, it is a masterpiece of engineering. With its three lockable differentials, it can take off-road strain and also offers a stunning relaxed on-road drive too.

The Manchester Museum on Oxford Road is owned by the University of Manchester. It provides access to 4.5 million items, from every corner of the globe, displaying works of archaeology, anthropology and natural history. The first collection went on display in 1821. It is today, one of the cultural assets of this amazing city. See the Living Worlds section, opened in 2011, encouraging visitors to reflect on nature. Explore the era of the dinosaurs and see mummies from ancient Egypt. Take part in a workshop and listen to fascinating talks. To relate to knowledge, this certainly is the place to be.

Manchester Mercedes rental is the stylish way to enhance your luxury holiday travel arrangements.

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