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Football lovers must visit the famous Old Trafford

By Scott Jawns

The iconic Old Trafford football stadium is home to Manchester United and raving fans cannot miss a visit when in Manchester.

Make room for special holiday memories. 4x4 car rental in Manchester is undeniably the perfect way to travel to Old Trafford.

Keep the fans comfortable and relaxed in a spacious Range Rover Autobiography. The driver will love the power under the hood and the passengers will be delighted with the panoramic opening roof top. Join the trend-setters when you drive our Lexus RX. This crossover SUV combines the fun of an all-wheel drive with a powerful 3.5-litre V6 engine for a unique driving experience.

This famous stadium officially opened in 1910. In 1934, a roof was constructed over the United Road terrace. Old Trafford was damaged by German air raids during World War II and took eight years to rebuild. At the start of Euro 1996, the stadium could hold 56000 fans and today has a capacity for 80000. Visit the museum and learn about the fascinating history of Manchester United. Fans will love the old relics, stories of triumphs and tragedies and interactive displays. This venue has been nicknamed 'The Theatre of Dreams' and it certainly is just that.

If your driving style is versatile and vivacious, rent an SUV in Manchester for a fabulous self-drive holiday.

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