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Be awed at the marvel of Stonehenge

By Nicole Harris

Be awed at the marvel of Stonehenge, you need to absorb the ambiance of this mysterious place. Travel in an exclusive executive vehicle.

Arrive at this majestic site in style, rent an executive car in UK for the drive.

Cruise the roads of the UK in a stunning Ferrari California. This two-door hard-top convertible will makes heads turn with its exclusive looks and super power. If Porsche is your dream, slip behind the wheel of our Porsche Cayenne. This mid-size luxury crossover is ideal for a bigger group.

Stonehenge, one of the most visited and mysterious monuments in the world, is located in Wiltshire. It was built in approximately 3100 B.C. Experts believe that the site was used in religious ceremonies or for burials, some think it was created by aliens! These towering stones set in two horse-shoe shapes will thrill you as you try to comprehend how they were transported, as some weigh up to 50 tons. Watch the sun set over this magnificent venue before setting off to London for dinner in grand art deco glamour at the famous Wolseley.

Thrill all five senses, UK prestige car rental offers a choice of dignified high-end vehicles.

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