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Visit Notting Hill, London

By Nicole Harris

Notting Hill is a popular destination known for its diverse population, interesting history, a lively market and gorgeous streetscapes.

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Try out a Lamborghini Huracan

If you are fearless, drive our monster, the Lamborghini Huracan! This Italian mid-engined sports car, has a name which translates into 'Raging Bull'. The discerning driver will love the thrill of a Maserati GranCabrio Sport. This four-seater convertible is engineered with perfection and the dramatic lines will cause heads to turn as you cruise into Notting Hill.



The Iconic Notting Hill Market

Visit the famous Portobello Road which became the centre of English hippie culture in the 1960's. The weekly market will enthral with its fabulous off-beat shops. Relax in the beautiful Holland Park and take a tour of Kensington Palace. Join the celebrations at the iconic Notting Hill Carnival, an annual gathering showcasing London's modern and multicultural identity. Step back into the movie when you enter the Travel Bookstore, it was the inspiration for Hugh Grant's shop. Stop for lunch at the Notting Hill Brasserie, where modern trendy cuisine attracts the who-is-who in the area.

Rent a luxury vehicle in UK and explore the delightful city of Notting Hill.


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