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Visit Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic

By Ethan Hews

Kutna Hora is a short drive east of Prague. This picture perfect town is home to one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic Architecture in the world. The Saint Barbara Cathedral will enchant art and history aficionados.

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In a country known for Gothic Cathedrals, the Saint Barbara Cathedral is the most spectacular. The intricacy of the flying buttresses, the unique tent-like sailing spires, the spectacular vaulted ceiling and the marvellous cliff-top setting make an awe-inspiring experience. The building of the Cathedral began in 1388 and was only finished in 1905. Visit the Ossuary which features a human bone chandelier. Stop at the Dačický Restaurant and Pub and order roast beef with sweet dumplings washed down with an unpasteurised beer.

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