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Every Epicurean Delight

By Ethan Hews

In the most visited country in the world, hire an Exotic car rental in France to immerse yourself in every epicurean delight that this great nation has to offer. From superb wines, to delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, not to mention that immense art, history and culture that can captivate the imagination in totally unsuspected ways. Hire an Exotic car in France and experience it all for yourself.

How do I rent an Exotic car in France? Good question and the good news is, your search ends here. In a simple process of choosing the exotic car of your dreams and placing an online booking with your requested dates and delivery locations, you’ll be behind the wheel of an exotic car more easily than what you thought possible. Choose from either the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider for unparalleled driving experience or the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for the chance to make your childhood dreams come true. Arrive at France’s cultural and national capital of Paris, offering every type of luxury, enjoy the “City of Light”, its romance and its iconic Eiffel Tower.

Rent the Exotic BMW i8, the revolutionary pure electric supercar by the automotive giant of BMW, or the Koenigsegg Agera lesser known, perhaps, but no less enthralling. In any of these cars travel through to the city of Bordeaux, known as a city of wine, traditional stone mansions and pretty outdoor terraces. it’s a wonderful place to visit and brew a new love. Alternatively, take to the road in a long haul journey and travel to Toulouse, the "Pink City". Toulouse is known for its distinctive brick terracotta architecture that over the centuries has taken on an eye catching pink hue. As the main city of Occitania, it is surrounded by large, beautiful natural reserves lending itself as the perfect place to escape.

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