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A place worth losing yourself in

By Nicole Harris

With its Gallo-Roman ramparts still intact, the medieval town of Senlis is a wonderful place to lose yourself. Wander across the paved streets lined with the most charming residences, these houses still carry all the character from the time they were first designed. Unanimously charming Senlis’ old town is repeatedly used as the set backdrop for period films. Arrive in Senlis with your Audi hire from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to escape to an age far more romantic than our own.

Rent the strong and expressive Audi Q3 for its versatility on the road. The Q3 is the ideal urban traveller and yet a fantastic off road companion. Designed into a muscular frame it does well to reflect the original Roman buildings and statues, still found in Senlis. Many of the town’s precious historical relics are found within the Senlis Museum devoted to a diverse range of interests, it certainly warrants the attention of a curious mind.

The Audi RS Q3 which can be made available to you as you arrive at the terminal of CDG Airport is the most luxurious way to go off road, purely divine in the way it picks up speed and maintains efficient handling. Visit the central pinnacle of Senlis - its Notre-Dame Cathedral, built between 1150 and 1191, it is topped by a magnificent spire of Gothic style. The light streams in through the original stained glass windows relating the life of the Virgin Mary in its reflection on the pews below.

A luxurious Audi hire from Paris Airport is the most romantic way to to explore the historical treasure that is the inescapable charm of Senlis.

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