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A Cabriolet in Versailles

By Ethan Hews

In a car that defines luxury and elegance rent a cabriolet from Charles de Gaulle Airport to arrive at France’s most beautiful and grand building - The Château de Versailles. Elegance and grandeur knows no comparison in the hallowed halls and rooms of Versailles.

From Paris Airport rent the suave and thoroughly engaging Jaguar F type to travel the highways that lead to Versailles. Construction on Versailles commenced in 1661, Charles Le Brun and his hundreds of artisans were charged with the task of decorating every square centimeter of this enormous royal residence. Elaborate detail was incorporated into every moulding, cornice, ceiling and door of the interior, utilising the most luxurious and ostentatious decorations. Frescoes, marble, gilt and woodcarvings, are spread throughout the palace, often with themes from Greek and Roman mythology.

For the moment blessed in the finer details of luxury rent the Mini Convertible to add an element of fun or the BMW M6 cabriolet for its pure sophistication on the road. Either of these cars easily enhance the experience of luxury that goes with a visit to Versailles. Explore the manicured parks and gardens that spread out as far as the eye can see collapsing into the horizon. The Salle du Jeu de Paume, is the famed tennis court, where the Third Estate (‘common people’) in 1789, swore their determination to achieve a more equal France.

Hire a convertible from Paris Airport to the grand surrounds of Versailles, it has all the presence to carry the prestige of the occasion.

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